THURSDAY 22nd JULY / 21:30

THURSDAY 22nd JULY / 21:30

Roman Theatre

In case of bad weather, the performance is postponed to the following day.

duration: 1.45 

by the Béjart Ballet Lausanne

(Le Presbytère n’a rien perdu de son charme, ni le jardin de son éclat, also Ballet for Life)



MUSIC Queen / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart



LIGHTING Dominique Roman

VIDEO EDITING Germaine Cohen


Ballet created at Lausanne’s Salle Métropole on 15 December 1996


A little more than thirty years ago, right in the middle of the music of Berlioz surprisingly interrupted by noise of bombing and of machine-gun fire, a rather unconventional Brother Laurent was crying out in front of Jorge Donn and Hitomi Asakawa “Make love, not war!”


Today, Gil Roman, about as old as is the creation of my Romeo and Juliet, surrounded by dancers who have never seen this ballet, answers: “You told us to make love, not war. We made love. Why is love making us war?” – the anguished cry of a youth for which the problem of death by love is added to that of the many wars that have not stopped raging since the so-called END of the last world war!


My ballets are encounters first of all: with a music, with life, with death, with love – with beings whose past and work are reincarnating in me, just as the dancer I no longer am is reincarnated every time in performers that go beyond him.


Instant love for Queen’s music. Inventiveness, violence, humour, love – everything is there. I love them, they inspire me, they guide me and, from time to time in that no man’s land where we are all destined to go one day, Freddy Mercury, I’m sure, is playing the piano with Mozart.


A ballet about youth and hope, since, a hopeless optimist, I also believe that, in spite of all, the show must go on, as Queen sings.


Maurice Béjart


(c)Grégory Batardon


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